How can i own my own platform?
CannaLogic’s dispensary white-label turnkey solution is available to all legal dispensaries. Click here to watch a video on how we create a customized dispensary app for your store, allowing customers to click your logo on their device to access all your services.
Can i add my own content and brand?
CannaLogic’s application will rebrand the entire platform around your brand with user friendly applications that allow dispensaries to add and remove their own product images and descriptions. . For more information get in touch through our form under "CONTACT US".
In our App, can customers only buy from our menu?
Yes, CannaLogic’s App was specifically designed to keep your customers shopping only from dispensary. No more sharing your customers with third-party delivery companies. Attract and retain more customers - Own your own app today!
Can Cannalogic help us to hire responsible drivers for delivery?
Yes, CannaLogic has the experience to hire qualified and responsible drivers, if required. CannaLogic consultants will strongly recommend specific security protocols and policies for each dispensary, including a security manual for training.
How do I track all daily transactions?
CannaLogic developed a groundbreaking back-end admin panel that allows dispensaries to monitor all transactions. Additionally, the admin panel has a marketing tool that allows you to communicate with all of your members instantly through your mobile device.