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E commerce dispensary mobile platform

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Boost your sales and customer satisfaction by integrating a white label e commerce solution. Our customized Mobile App option allows your customers to download your unique App, giving them direct access right from their device directly to every service you provide. Clicking on your store's icon on their phone, a customer can access your menu, and even arrange for delivery, mail order, or pickup using any one of our secure e-commerce payment methods, including our innovative e-wallet.

Backend reporting – Inventory tracking system

After thorough research and development, CannaLogic built our backend reporting systems using the MOST secure online e-commerce platform available, "the Magento," to ensure that every one of your transactions is secure. Magento is the most powerful and reliable platform supporting online consumers, used by the world's most trusted online retailers (like Amazon.)

Restock Notification App

Cannalogic has solutions for your supply side, too! We are the ONLY industry specific POS that also offers an APP for your suppliers! Our research tells us one of the biggest problems dispensaries have is managing supply. With our APP, when you begin to run low on stock of any strain or product; you and your supplier are notified. You also have the option to set up a delivery day/time to restock, and much more.

Wifi Hotspot support

While you can't always control unexpected internet down time - with Cannalogic's help you can seamlessly manage it. When your internet provider drops the ball, Cannalogic's secure LTE Wi-fi hotspot network ensures you are always able to process transactions.

Cannalogic is the ONLY Canadian validated company that provides a true seed to sale solution


Marketing features

Marketing Features gives dispensary owners instant communication with their customers to send notifications on deals, events, notices and new products.

Caregiver App

Caregiver App was designed specifically for the delivery drivers. It provides many important reports, provides drivers with incoming purchase orders and more. When completing a transaction the consumer must sign off digitally, similar to when receiving a FedEx package. This way there will never be a dispute as to whether or not your customers received their care package.

Consumer Smart Wallet

The wallet will allow your customers to upload funds via credit Card, Debit and Cash. Users can use their wallet to make online purchases, store purchases or even transfer funds to another registered user. The wallet will also be a great way for your customers to receive loyalty rewards instantly. Transfer money to your customers wallet which can go towards their next purchases and more.

Live GPS

Your customers can easily place an order to your dispensary through their mobile device, and with the live delivery GPS tracking feature, they can monitor the exact route and co-ordinates of their care package.

Backend admin panel

The backend admin is designed on the Magento platform which is known to be notorious for experiencing ZERO errors. The backend admin provides LIVE detailed reporting, so the Dispensary owners can run their business in the most professional way possible. Such reporting will include:

  • Storefront transactions
  • Delivery transactions
  • Pickup transactions
  • Mail order transactions
  • Individual purchase orders
  • Total Sales Reports
  • And a lot more...

Dispatch app

Dispatcher application allows your managers to monitor the exact locations of all drivers available via GPS. Another great advantage is to identify all incoming orders to make sure that each purchase order is delivered with excellence.


CannaLogic’s technology allows regulatory agencies to monitor every single gram purchased to every single plant grown. Our Software Platform supports RFID Barcode technology, giving Government Officials the comfort level of knowing every step from seed to sale, is being monitored carefully for taxation.



CannaLogic's white label mobile POS platform will enable customers to download a unique app for your dispensary, view your menu, and even arrange for delivery, mail order, or pickup using any one of our secure e-commerce payment methods, including our innovative e-wallet.
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Dispensary owners can customize the entire platform to their store brand. Watch your revenues grow and your brand recognition increase. Our White Label solution comes with the most reliable, and high quality custom mobile App for your customers for online purchasing and more.

CannaLogic seed to sale inventory tracking software.

Tracking every gram in real time has never been easier

The solution Cannalogic has developed means you never have to experience negative inventory again. CannaLogic's robust inventory tracking system will accurately track from seed to sale.

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