Cannalogic POS dispensary features

  • Sign In
  • Product Page
  • Live Delivery GPS Tracking
  • Pre-Order Pickup
  • Third-party E-commerce API Integration
  • Completed Transaction
  • Dispensary back-end admin panel
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Push notification marketing

Sign In

The sign-in feature is designed to be quick and easy. CannaLogic's sign-in verification process can be customized based on a dispensary´s legal state requirements. Customers can sign in with their Facebook or Twitter account, and there is also an autofill option for instant log in.

Product Page

The product page feature is designed to be fun and interactive for your customers. Dispensaries can upload product content at any time to keep it current. Your customers can even write product reviews for each item, which can then be shared and viewed within your dispensary´s network. Another special feature for your customers is adding their favourite products to "My Favs" located under the client's dashboard, where they can share with friends on social media or by email.

Live Delivery GPS Tracking

Your customers can easily place an order to your dispensary through their mobile device, and with the live delivery GPS tracking feature, they can monitor the exact route and co-ordinates of their care package. This convenient feature is available when downloading the mobile app through either the Apple Store or Google Play. Customers can know exactly when the care package will arrive, and the driver can save time with each delivery. This feature also has shared profiles of caregivers and customers provided for each delivery.

Pre-Order Pickup

The pre-order dispensary pickup feature gives your customers the option to pre-order in advance from your dispensary. Your customer can simply select "pickup" at the checkout page, select the day they wish for pickup, and select a payment method.

Third-party E-commerce API Integration

If your dispensary offers payment options such as credit card and debit, we will integrate any payment solutions you may require and deal directly with your processing company to simplify payment integration.

Completed Transaction

The completed transaction feature is designed to ensure that each transaction is delivered with excellence. When your customers receive the order, they must sign off digitally, similar to when receiving a FedEx delivery. This way there is never a dispute as to whether or not your customers received their care package.

Dispensary back-end admin panel

The dispensary back-end admin panel is designed for dispensary owners to monitor their daily mobile activity such as:
  • Delivery transactions
  • Pickup transactions
  • Individual purchase orders
  • Total Sales Reports

In addition the back-end admin panel gives dispensary owners the ability to be in direct contact with their customers at any time.

Customer Dashboard

The customer dashboard feature organizes the user's options:

My Profile
My Account
My Locations
My History
My Orders
My Favs

Push notification marketing

Push notifications are a marketing feature that gives dispensary owners instant communication with their customers to send notifications on deals, events, notices and new products.


Cannalogic is now licensing its dispensary mobile platform,Offering a white label turnkey solution...

Dispensary mobile APP

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Our real-time live delivery tracker and pre-order pickup feature allows your customers to order with just a simple touch on their mobile devices. Click here for more info.


Privacy and security is in our DNA and that's why we built end-to-end encryption into the application. When end to end is encrypted, your private data, photos, order information and documents are well secured from third parties. Click here to learn more...


Your customers can get set up in minutes and order right away. Simply submit the signup form, select the products, and choose either pick-up or delivery and a payment method.


If you're a dispensary owner you now have access to the ultimate mobile app for your consumers. Get your own mobile app today.


The cross-platform capability runs via a unified information management system, which provides dispensary owners the tools to maximize cross-selling opportunities with their customers, including player loyalty programs, affiliate programs and more. The turn-key white label operational service pack encompasses a comprehensive range of market-leading tools and services, designed to optimize the performance of any dispensary store worldwide.

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CannalogicĀ“s dispensary platform will result in reducing costs, increased profitability, and improved customer satisfaction.

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As an open platform Cannalogic´s white label software application is designed to provide dispensary owners with a new, modernized and seamless e-commerce website that works in conjunction with a mobile app.

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